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We get requests to carry more Catholic-specific products, and I think this is a great addition. These full size, 128-page planners aren’t just a place to write assignments, they include religious instruction. There are three, bright, full-color planners in this series, primary, intermediate, and junior high, which cover the academic year from August through June. Every inch of these planners is packed!

The Primary Planner for grades K-4 begins with informational pages which include The Church Year, Let Us Pray, Getting to Know Your Church, Seven Sacraments Seven Signs, How to go to Confession, How to go to Communion, Maps of Bible Lands & Jerusalem in Jesus Time, How to Use Your Bible, and How to Pray the Rosary. A one-page monthly calendar is color-linked to the seasons of the church year, and is followed by a two-page spread for each week of the month. For each week you will find one page on which students write their assignments in lined boxes which are already dated, the scripture and summary for the Sunday Gospel, ‘Word of the Week’ for building Catholic vocabulary, ‘Try It’ which suggests a personal goal for the week, and reminders of important saints’ days, feast days, and secular holidays. A second page gives space for writing 15 spelling words and a fun activity. Activities vary and may include coloring, mazes, drawing, matching, wordsearches, fill-in-the-blank, and rebus, just to name a few. Resources at the back of the planner include a map of the United States, state capitals and state abbreviations, alphabet and number practice pages. Even the back cover has charts for multiplication facts 1-12 and English weights and measures, a ten-inch rule along the edge for quick measuring, and a two year calendar for future reference.

The Intermediate Planner for grades 5-8 has similar pages in the front of the book covering the Church Year, Your Church, Sacrament Review, Praying Always, Praying the Rosary, Learning to Read the Bible, and Maps from Jesus time. The one month calendar which is color-linked to the church year is also included in this planner. A two-page spread is available for writing assignments each week of the school year. Monday through Friday are printed down the left side with seven subject areas across the top, and lined boxes in which students write. Each week includes the ‘extras’ which are found in the Primary Planner with weekly activities that are appropriate for older students, such as fill-in-the-blank, matching, and crossword puzzles. At the back of the planner students will find a U.S. map with questions about the states, 2-page world map, and a page of review questions about the sacraments, Rosary, and facts about the Catholic faith. The back cover contains the same reference material as the Primary Planner.

The Junior High Planner for grades 6-9 has a class schedule grid for two semesters located inside the front cover. The planner begins with monthly calendar views, with holidays, Holy Days, and Saints’ Days clearly marked. Monthly goals can be tracked with the “Don’t Forget,” “Notes,” and “Project Planning” lined spaces located at the bottom of the monthly calendar pages. Church vocabulary and quotations from official Church teachings are located in the margins as well. The rest of the planner features one week views (per two-page spread), with plenty of writing space and extra space at the bottom for notes. A Scripture passage is listed at the top of each week, as well as a “Think About It” set of questions that encourages students to ponder both secular issues (ie. “What do I know about my ancestors?”) and character/religious issues (ie. “How does my patron saint’s faith inspire me?”). Holidays and Feast days are listed, and every Sunday lists the Mass readings for that day. The back of the planner is packed with religious reference material, including Scriptures, Sights, Sounds, and Symbols of the (Church) Seasons; Books of the Bible; Sacraments of the Church; Order of the Mass; Prayers & Devotions; How to Pray the Rosary; and Catholic Living (with information such as the Holy Days of Obligation, the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and more). Also included are two full-color maps of Bible lands (Galilee and Jerusalem), a US and world map, a list of branches of US Government, a list of commonly confused and misspelled words, a color-coded periodic table of the elements, geometric shapes & formulas, and mathematic conversion tables.

It’s hard to believe you can say this much about a planner. Students can keep track of their assignments and learn as well. - Donna

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