In the Footsteps of Explorers Series

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In a concise but thorough way, these books give overviews of some of the most famous explorers in history. The short text sections are perfect for younger students, and there are full-color paintings, photographs, and other graphics on every page to captivate readers. Informative captions accompany all the graphics and add rich details to each tale. Each book is divided into sections (usually as short as two pages) that cover different aspects of the featured explorer and his life. Info includes what was imagined of the unknown lands before exploration, brief life histories of the explorers, how the explorers prepared for the journeys, different stages of the explorations, native peoples met on the explorations, life during the exploration and after, the legacy left by the explorer, and more. Sidebars on many of the pages list events in the explorer's life with dates. The books are very readable and give great insight into what the different journeys were like. Glossaries and indexes are included in each book. 32 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel
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