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Homeschoolers use differentiated instruction every day many without even being aware that they are doing so! Stated briefly, differentiated instruction is when the material being taught is altered to fit the needs, learning styles, and abilities of each individual student. Now that you realize this book just has a fancy title for something you are probably already doing, let's talk about what is included. The books are divided into units. Each unit contains teacher materials, activities, student introduction, vocabulary, assessments, and student briefs (the text portion of the books). Although the books are correlated to state standards and have the feeling of being written for classroom use, they would be very easy to implement in a home setting. The activities are many and varied and you would have the option to choose the specific ones that will work for you. Some of the activities that are found in each unit are: poster making, time lines, model construction, writing a pamphlet, map making, conducting an interview, research, painting a picture, writing a narrative, giving a speech, reenact, write a biography, tell a story to name a few. Many activities are tailored to the subject being covered by the unit, so students may write a myth when studying Ancient Greece, or compare Hinduism and Buddhism in the unit on India and Persia. The assessments in each unit come in six forms: multiple-choice, sentence completion, matching, true-false, short response, and portfolio. The same content is being tested, regardless of the type of assessment, so you can mix up the assessments as you please. The coverage of each book is outlined below. Pages in the books are perforated, many are consumable, and permission is given to reproduce them for family/classroom use.
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