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Many history books, although they delight in telling the tale of Tutankhamen's tomb, or fascinating us with how ancient artifacts give us a deeper understanding of those people's lives don't actually spend much time on archaeology itself. Unfortunate, for those curious young kids who'd like to know more about archaeology and how archaeologists find things. This unit focuses primarily on archaeology, however, and includes information and activities for students to become more familiar with the field, as well as the civilizations that the artifacts are derived from. The lessons include an introduction to architecture, stratigraphy (layering of artifacts), excavation, tools, chonology, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient China, ancient Greece, Minoans, Stonehenge, early Americans, accidental finds, underwater archaeology, and more. In each lesson, either questions are posed for the student to research, or to reason, or to draw from their own knowledge to answer. Activities are also included, such as digging your own excavation, creating a grid of a room, including all objects in the room, drawing maps of ancient civilizations, drawing pictures of artifacts and ancient buildings, illustrating legends, and more. Additional "Just for Fun" Activities are included as well. The teacher's edition contains a copy of the student worksheets as well as pre-tests, post-tests, quizzes, and answers to each of these as well as to the worksheets in the student book. A bibliography contains a listing of books and videos which may be helpful to find in the library to aid in your study and provide further information, as little actual textual information is presented in the student book. Please note, additionally, that this is from a secular publisher, and also includes references to cave-men in one or two of the worksheets, but you can easily skip over these. - Jess

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