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This book is more like a Bible than a history book! Of course, that makes sense since Archbishop James Ussher was dedicated to the defense of the Christian faith. He published his work in Latin in the early 1650s, and the previous English edition of this book was published in 1658, two years after his death. It covers history from the beginning of time (determined by his sources to be 4004 BC) through most of the first century AD and reports with great accuracy from the materials available to Ussher at the time. The paper is gild-edged and the cover is leather-bound. Delivered in a slip case, it includes a CD which features a time-line reference, colored charts, and graphs. Not only is this a remarkable reference work, it's also a beautiful (if not a little unwieldy) tome to feature prominently in your collection of books. 960 pages. This book is also available in paperback, with the same number of pages as the hardcover. The paperback edition is much cheaper, but it does NOT include the CD-ROM. ~ Tom

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