Ancient Civilizations Video Series

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This series of videos will educate children about many past civilizations. An archeologist named Arizona Smith hosts the videos and shows the major role archeology plays in finding out about these ancient civilizations. The videos combine location footage, re-creations, illustrated maps, and information from the host to show how ancient people lived, ate, dressed, and worked. By exploring archeological sites and artifacts, art, architecture, writings, and even human remains, students will understand how historians have come to know about life many centuries ago and how these civilizations still effect our lives today. Each one is twenty-three minutes long and includes a small teacher's guide. This guide features additional information on the topic, vocabulary words, discussion questions, follow-up activities, and lists of suggested books and Internet resources so you can get the most educational value out of this product. The DVDs have special features such as a Spanish language track, discussion questions and activities, a chapter select, and closed-captioning. ~ Rachel S.

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