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These games are simple but will be greatly enjoyed by kids and will even introduce them to some great animals. To play, first you have to construct the gameboard, which is basically a large, 12-piece floor jigsaw puzzle that measures 20" x 30" when put together. Once the board is constructed, it displays a winding path through the jungle or Amazon. Over a dozen animals specific to the region featured are included several times on the game spaces that make up the path. A deck of cards featuring the animals is included and players take turns drawing cards and moving to the animal shown. The first player to reach the end of the path, wins! Extra cards add even more fun to the game like certain animals that make you move back spaces, short cut cards, quick sand (lose turn) cards, Piranha cards (switch places with another player), and more. The instruction booklet includes a bit of info on each animal on the board and cards, so kids can even learn a bit while playing this game. The only difference between the African Adventure and Journey on the Amazon are the animals featured on the board; play is identical. The board, cards, and player pieces are all colorful and fun and will grab kids' attention and keep it. Cards include labels of the animal names in both English and Spanish. For 2-6 players.

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