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Proofreading is a valuable skill to have, and a fairly easy one to pick up. It just takes practice to train your critical reading eye to spot things that are out of place. This series gives ample opportunity to practice proofing techniques on many different mediums. At each grade level, the activities are grouped into 4 categories: mechanics, punctuation, usage/spelling/vocabulary, and sentences and paragraphs. The proofing activities within each of these categories are varied from stories and classifieds, to letters and articles, to comics, book reviews, and more. A page at the very beginning of the book shows how to use proofreading marks and each activity thereafter begins with a little reminder box of proofing rules applicable to that activity. All of the answers are included in each book, which are easy to pick up and start without any prep time. As a side note, many of the activities include space to rewrite the entire corrected passage giving the added benefit of handwriting practice at the same time! Consumable and reproducible for classroom/family use. Zach

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