Daily Sentence Editing (Interactive Learning for Interactive Whiteboards)

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You have to admit it's a neat concept. In this age of touch products pads and pods the idea of a touch-based whiteboard has a lot of appeal. But if your homeschool doesn't have one of these innovative classroom products, don't despair. You can still use your computer to accomplish the same fun editing activities or you could do it the old-fashioned way on paper. Each of these books/CDs has 270 grade-appropriate but error-ridden sentences in 30 units (one unit per week; 9 sentences per week). (Capitalization, punctuation, and grammar/usage errors.) [Books are reproducible for classroom/family. CDs work on both Macs and PCs.] On a computer (or interactive whiteboard) the sentences can be brought up one at a time and the student can make corrections, either making his own editing marks or dragging marks from a toolbar. Your student can revel in using the teacher's traditional RED or any of five other colors. With just a click of a button, both student and teacher can see the correct answers but you can also show just the locations of the errors without revealing the actual answers (a "hint" so to speak). It's also possible to switch to typewriter mode and have your student retype the sentence correctly on the screen. A nice feature of the program is the ability to add custom sentences you type it in correctly and the program rewrites it with errors in need of correcting. Obviously, these sentences could come from any source reading material, the student's own writing, or character-building quotes. A six-page Grammar Rules guide is available in the book (reproducible) and on the CD (printable) as well as an answer key in the back of the book. 112 pgs, pb. System requirements: Windows Vista/XP/2000; Mac OSX (10.2+); Flash Payer 9; Java 1.4. ~ Janice

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