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How could any baby resist this touchable, grabbable, chewable toy? Made of soft, pliable plastic, it resembles a soft cube with large plastic loops growing out of it in all directions. While the plastic loops are great for grabbing and holding and squeezing, this is the best part - the whole toy can be refrigerated to make those plastic loops feel oh-so-good when those little teeth are trying to erupt. And those loops do look tasty, grabbing the eye with their bright, fruity colors (berry blue, deep purple, orange, and lime green). And at roughly 5" square, it's the perfect size for little hands to keep ahold of. The Original Winkel is green, blue, orange and purple around a red with orange polka dot center, and the Color Burst is red, yellow, green and orange around a zany black and white striped center. - Jess

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