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How often do you wish that you could just understand what your child wanted, especially before they are able to talk well? Sometimes it is difficult to find out why they are upset, why they are frustrated, what they need. There is no need to wait until your baby or toddler can vocalize what they are feeling or what they want children are able to pick up sign language at a surprisingly early age! When you use the signs along with the words when talking to your baby, or better yet, use them in songs, babies will pick them up in no time. CDs are included with each book, and the lyrics to 10-11 different songs are given. Words that have accompanying signs are spelled in CAPS so you can pick them out easily. If you're musically inclined, the lyrics are also included with the written music. These books focus on the more common words that young children need to express. Photographs of an adult performing the sign accompany the words, and many also include a photograph of a child with a "version" of the sign that they often do. Tips for teaching some of the different signs are also included.

Mealtime & Bedtime Sing & Sign covers over 200 words relating to mealtime and bedtime. It contains an introduction, a how-to section on teaching sign language to your young child, a dictionary of the words covered in the volume, songs used to reinforce the signs and have fun with your baby, a sing & sign index which lists the words alphabetically and shows which songs use those words, a pictorial index which shows each word with its picture, and a section which recommends children's books to help teach the words and concepts. Sc, 286 pgs.

Toddler Sing & Sign teaches over 120 signs regarding animals, actions, concepts, colors, feelings, and more. This book is set up a little differently than Mealtime Sing & Sign. Ten songs are utilized to teach the signs, and each song has its own chapter. The signed words are listed at the beginning of the chapter the new ones that are being introduced, and other words that are just being reviewed. Lyrics are given with the instructions for signing, and then the lyrics are given again with the written music. Then photographs of adults and children signing all the new words used are shown and teaching tips are given. The chapter continues with game and activity ideas, some have instructions for a related craft and a recipe for a yummy snack, and most have lists of children's books to read. The back of this book also features a picture index of words used. Sc, 236 pgs.

So if you are looking for ways to communicate clearly with your child, or even just for some fun activities to do together, these books are fantastic and very user-friendly, even if you don't know any sign language! ~ Megan

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