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This series engages children in literacy in two ways: firstly through using topics that are of high interest to children, encouraging them to read; and secondly through providing fun activities based on those topics and passages that build literacy skills. Each reproducible book holds approximately 45 fun worksheets reinforcing grammar basics, using reference sources, sequencing, comparing and contrasting, finding the main idea, fact and opinion, context clues, comprehension, and other important concepts. I really like this series because whereas many reading skills books follow the same format all the way through, a reading passage followed by comprehension and skill-building activities, this series uses a variety of different approaches. Some activities begin with a short passage, in other lessons the topics are completely integrated into the creative activity; all exercises are unique. This maintains the focus on diverse literacy skills and serves to keep students truly engaged in the book. Hopefully the activities in each book stimulate the student's interest in the topics so much that they take advantage of the suggested reading list provided in the back! ~ Steph
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