Field Trip Learn 誰 Folders CD-ROMs


Field trips are wildly popular for their ability to supplement "book learning" in a way that literally brings alive any topic being studied. With these Learn 'N Folders, your children will be able to document their field trip adventures in a special way. For example, in the "A Day at the Amusement Park," children are encouraged to explore the physics of roller coasters, with an additional activity suggestion of designing an amusement park. I wish these would have been available when my children were younger, as many of our car rides home from theme parks were filled with excited chatter about favorite rides and the occasional random thought on what would have been even better. Field Trip Learn 'N Folders would have been perfect to channel those thoughts and bring more learning to our trips. Each CD-ROM contains a PDF file printable book with sections on how to use the graphic organizers to make mini-books successfully, recommended websites, writing topics, additional activities and helpful hints. Reproducible for your family's use. ~ Deanne

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