Plants Grown Up: Projects for Sons on the Road to Manhood

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When I hear of organizations like Concerned Women of America or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, I wonder why I don't hear about similar men's organizations. Maybe it would help if a character-building program was available for boys and young men, a program including reading and memorizing God's word, a program that would give young men practice and inspiration.

Well, here you go. This 500-page book offers hundreds of ideas for Bible memorization, Bible study projects, worthwhile reading material, and practical activities to help raise Godly sons. The book is divided into 48 chapters, on such topics as leadership, self-control, obedience to God, honesty, courage, faithfulness, perseverance, service, and relationships. From 17 to 54 project ideas are listed in each chapter, in increasing difficulty, so you can select the ones most appropriate. Some projects can be counted toward school work, thus easing implementation in a home school setting. Projects range from "doing" things like being responsible and helpful around the house or discussing topics with parents to researching and reading Bible verses and recommended books. There are quite a few reading suggestions, so be prepared to visit the library regularly or make additional purchases! Bible verse memorization also figures prominently into the project lists. Evaluation questions close each chapter, offering an opportunity to assess improvements and to identify areas that need work. Memory verses (King James Version) are provided in their entirety, making review easier. Where outside resources are recommended, sources are listed.

The program can be started as soon as Junior can memorize Bible verses and used thereafter up to the day of his wedding. (After that, his wife will work on his character.) The book is non-consumable; where forms are used, a reproducible master is provided in the appropriate chapter. Get started right away, and may the Lord raise up a generation of Godly men!

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