Little Ones Sing Unto the Lord

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Need a fun simple way to incorporate singing into your family or homeschool Bible time? The Little Ones Sing Unto the Lord songbook contains 38 children's Bible songs, arranged in alphabetical order. The contents list arranges the songs so that several are in every month of the school year (from September to May). For instance, in January you'd sing Oh, Be Careful, Fishers of Men, Wide, Wide as the Ocean, The Joy of Jesus, and Rolled Away. May is reserved for reviewing all songs. Each song has the musical notation for the melody in the treble clef and usually one or two harmony lines in the bass clef (occasionally on the treble line). It's simple enough that the songbook could make a great supplemental practice book for a child learning to play an instrument. Some songs have motions that go along with them. 38 pgs, pb. The CD has all the songs from the songbook, arranged in the school year by month. They're sung by a kid's choir in a conservative style for children. Runtime is 32 minutes. Chad
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