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Kids are natural artists. These idea books are for teachers and parents to help kids think about art. Each one has dozens of art projects, but the best parts are about going beyond the art itself. Take a project on spray bottle painting for example. Kids spray paper with watery colors and watch them mix and overlap. You ask children, "What color did you make? How did you make them? Where are the colors strongest?" Talk to the kids about what happens when they are closer to the paper or farther away. Encourage them to discuss as they experiment. Tell the child to stand back from their creation and ask them what they think about it. Lay down shapes and spray over them, then lift them and talk about what happened. Later look at books by Eric Carle. Talk about how the author made his images. Kids may realize they can do something similar when their projects are dry. Other projects include bubble prints, string pictures, and block printing in the Paint book. In the Collage book you have seed mosaics, glue drop collages, box marionettes, and mobiles. Each book has 58 art projects.

Each project is accompanied by color photos and complete step-by-step instruction. Many materials needed are household craft items (scissors, glue, paint, brushes, and paper.) Each book has a list of supplies needed to do every project. The books have ideas that most people would not think of doing. They are creative and age appropriate. I really love how parents and teachers are encouraged to ask questions as kids are creating. 122 pgs, pb. ~ Sara

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