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Wordly Wise works. It's a vocabulary-building program that grows with the student, and makes vocabulary building interesting and entertaining. All editions of Wordly Wise share a similar format giving interesting word histories, dealing with usage issues, and exposing common usage pitfalls. There are 20 lessons in each level plus five review lessons. Typical lessons contain an alphabetized list of fifteen words with a brief entry for each including part of speech, concise definition, and proper usage of the word in the context of an interesting sentence that provides a mnemonic anchor for the word. Following are activity sections (which vary slightly with the edition). Crossword puzzles and Hidden Message puzzles are used for review. The overall word list for the series consists of 3000 words; their selection based on frequency, grade-level literature, textbooks, and SAT-prep books.

Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition (2-12)

Book numbers correspond with grade levels. Book 2 includes all the lessons in Book A (1st ed.) and lessons 1-7 from Book B (1st ed.). It has 15 lessons and 150 vocabulary words. Book 3 includes lessons 8-10 from Book B (1st edition) and all lessons from Book C (1st ed.). It also has 15 lessons with 150 words and contains some Greek and Latin root exercises. Students learn 300 new words a year in Books 4-12.

The Student Workbooks contain 20 lessons each with fifteen words. Each lesson includes a Word List with complete dictionary type of entry information, a Finding Meanings exercise (choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word), the Just the Right Word exercise (replace a phrase with a single word), an Applying Meanings exercise (using words in context), a Word Study exercise (covers synonyms, antonyms, suffixes, prefixes, and analogies), and a Passage (classic and contemporary authors) with follow-up questions. As far as reading content, although Wordly Wise has always been a secular program, many customers have found the content to be increasingly "liberal" and "humanistic" with the newer editions. If you prefer religious or conservative content, you may wish to opt for a different program.

The Teacher Resource Books include teacher's guides for the lessons, reproducible tests and reviews, vocabulary activities (including word webs and semantic maps), options for group or individual instruction, pacing options, and answer keys for the tests and workbooks. Tests are designed to prepare students for standardized tests; the format is largely multiple-choice. There are tests for each lesson as well as cumulative midterms and finals. Tests have a double column format. At the upper levels (grade 9-12), each test also features a "SAT Sneak Preview" section in which additional practice is given in preparation for standardized testing. If you don't think an intensive, thorough teacher guide is necessary, non-reproducible Test Books (with answers) and Answer Keys (for student workbooks) are available separately. Answer Keys also have double columns with one column per lesson.

Have an auditory learner? We also now offer Audio CD sets that correlate to levels 2-12. These include recordings of each word list to aid pronunciation, along with definitions and comprehension questions, and all reading passages. There are three CDs each for Grades 2-3, and 5 CDs for each level for grades 4-12.

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