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Learning how to diagram sentences can really help students visualize how the different parts of speech work together to form sentences. However, this skill isn't always included in English books. This workbook provides a wonderful supplement to any curriculum. It covers sentence diagramming from easy to challenging, one step at a time. After reading simple explanations and seeing examples, students practice with similar sentences. The worksheets start with just subjects and predicates and then progress to adjectives, adverbs, direct and indirect objects, appositives, interjections, prepositional phrases, participles, and gerunds. Reviews are scattered throughout, which can be used as quizzes or test if desired. The worksheets are perforated and reproducible. Answers included, 46 pages. - Melissa
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Better Sentence Structure Thru Diagramming 2 Item #: 029388
Grades: 5-8
Retail: $6.99
Rainbow Price: $5.50

Diagramming Sentences Item #: 034893
Grades: 1-Adult
Retail: $8.99
Rainbow Price: $6.75

Elementary Diagramming Worktext Item #: 031656
Grades: 3-8
Retail: $15.00
Rainbow Price: $14.75

First Whole Book Diagrams Item #: 031657
Grades: 3-8
Retail: $26.00
Rainbow Price: $25.50

Elementary Diagramming + First Whole Book Item #: ELDGPK
Grades: 3-8
Retail: $41.00
Rainbow Price: $37.95

Diagramming the Scriptures Item #: 043366
Grades: 9-12
Retail: $21.99
Rainbow Price: $19.75

Basics of Diagramming Item #: 041221
Grades: 3-Adult
Rainbow Price: $3.00

Sentence Diagramming: Beginning Item #: 023146
Grades: 3-12
Rainbow Price: $12.99

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