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These interactive CD-ROMs introduce children to phonics skills through fun games, activities, and songs. Starting with the basics, the CD-ROMS progress from short and long vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and beginning reading all the way through writing paragraphs and learning parts of speech. Each CD-ROM offers a variety of activities for students to complete as they work their way through the concepts, earning silver and gold stars along the way. The games range from "speed" games to game-show style games, with animated graphics and fun characters providing plenty of entertainment. Instructional karaoke songs and/or stories help children to commit the concepts to memory as they review what they have learned. 3A and 3B vary in format. Instead of offering a variety of random games, the CD-ROMs feature sports themes, so kids are enjoying racing, baseball, archery, bowling, and other fun sports as they learn upper-level phonics skills. System requirements: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95; Mac OSX (native), 32 MB RAM (both). - Melissa

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