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An intensive, multisensory phonics program, using a phonogram approach similar to The Writing Road to Reading. The main flaw we find in WRR is the difficulty homeschoolers find in implementing it without additional instructional materials that can be difficult to obtain. This book, authored by Bonnie Dettmer, is very simple to use, with clear directions for the teacher. Beginning with the 26 alphabet phonograms, all 72 basic phonograms (symbols for sounds) are taught. It incorporates handwriting and spelling also, reinforcing the phonograms as they are taught. Handwriting begins with the teaching of the letter sounds. Spelling instruction begins after the first 52 phonograms are introduced. Gradually, other language skills are added, such as writing complete sentences, adding affixes to words, and contractions. Reading is introduced only after students are able to construct original sentences. The program, encased in a sturdy three-ring binder, includes a set of basic phonogram cards, a CD containing the phonogram sounds, and the Spelling Scale For Home Educators. Each of these can also be purchased separately.

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Phonics for Reading & Spelling Item #: 012628
Grades: K-6
Retail: $69.95
Rainbow Price: $68.95

Phonics for Reading and Spelling Phonogram Activity Sheets Item #: 001907
Grades: PreK-2
Retail: $24.95
Rainbow Price: $24.75

Phonics for Reading & Spelling Phonogram Card Item #: 035675
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $12.95

Spelling Scale for Home Educators Item #: 034151
Grades: PreK-Adult
Rainbow Price: $3.95

Phonics for Reading & Spelling Phonogram CD Item #: 034147
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $6.95

Phonics Fun: Games for Learning to Read Item #: 035677
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $16.95

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