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The Easy Way books have been written for the purpose of helping students who are struggling in a particular subject area to familiarize themselves with the important information in that subject in order to succeed, and raise their grades. Rather than simply a reference, however, these are valuable texts to read through, as they have taken pains to fully cover the subject in text more easily readable and interesting than a textbook, and have provided an abundance of practice test questions at the end of every chapter to review what they've learned. In the World History series, these books take the student on a tour of history, touching on the major players, events, civilizations, cultures, discoveries, and more. Volume One covers ancient through Medieval times, ending at A.D. 1500 , while Volume Two picks up from there, taking us up though modern times. European history is not over-emphasized here, with chapters of equal length on Asian, African, Indian, and Early Americans also discussed in length. The end-of-chapter review features a summary of the chapter material, a list of important people, places, terms to define, and then twenty-some multiple-choice questions, as well as several essay questions. The text is broken into smaller, more topical headings to help find certain topics more easily, and many black-and-white pictures are scattered within, featuring artifacts, buildings, people, and more. With Volume One at nearly 500 pages, and Volume Two also a hefty size, these books can be used as an inexpensive resource to "fill-in-the-blanks" you may not have covered in depth in your high school history curriculum, or to use as a base, and extend with more in-depth readings on important events to achieve a deeper understanding of world history. They can even take these to college to use as a base reference for college history classes that may tend to skip about topics and time periods haphazardly. - Jess

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