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Finally, science for the logic stage of learning. For those families who employ the classical approach in your homeschooling, here is a solid science for you. The Logic Stage is when the student develops the ability to apply critical analysis to the material encountered. Well written, easy to use, and rich content make this course a viable option for any family needing science for 5th to 8th grade. Students develop critical thinking through the use of scientific method, careful observations and organizational activities. There are 36 lessons in each book and each lesson is divided into 6 sections reading & research, definitions, lab activities, report, science history, and memory work. Reading & research entails assigned reading from high quality reference works. The definitions section is an opportunity for the student to provide accurate definitions of scientific terminology and be exposed to the Latin and Greek roots. Lab activities are found in both the book and "Biology for Every Kid" by Janice Van Cleave will also include a lab report which encourages good record keeping and allows the student to reinforce and build skills. Science history is related through the use of a timeline and date references, and memory work practices recall and speaking skills.

Students will need to set up a 3-ring binder as a science notebook and have dividers for seven sections research reports, definitions, lab activities, diagrams, dates, memory work, and extra activities. This notebook will be used as a collection area for the work done in each section of every lesson.

Required resources include the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Science (DK), Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology, and Biology for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave. These books are required for all four years of the Logic Stage science course. Most items for the labs are accessible from your home or local retailer, but some special items needed for biology are a microscope (TK2 by Thames & Kosmos is recommended, #43174, or something comparable), Botanical Discoveries Kit by Dune Craft (#41868), owl pellet dissection kit (#24986), blood typing kit (#11113), microscope slide making kit (#17437), Eosin Y stain, methylene blue stain, pipette, 12 plain slides (#32787), 2 concavity slides, coverslips (#36444, #36445), storage box for slides, and the following prepared slides hydra budding, frog sperm, frog ovary, allium root tip showing mitosis, lilium showing meiosis, flower buds (1 each monocot and dicot), insect legs (4 types), fish scales (cycloid is required), muscles (striated, smooth, cardiac). A few additional model books are helpful Uncover a Tarantula, Uncover a Frog, and Uncover a Cobra. A complete materials list for each lab is included in the front of the book. Other very helpful resources are found in the front of the book such as an explanation of scientific method and how to use a microscope and how to use this course. An additional article needed for lesson one is found at the back of the book.

These guides couldn't be easier to use. Do one lesson per week and check off each item as it is accomplished. The first half of each guide includes the lesson plans which are printed in a black and white, checklist format and are reproducible for family use. The latter half of the guide includes labs, lab diagrams, memorization lists, other resource pages, and the answer key.

If you have been looking for a really meaty science for your middle school students, here it is. I'm just so impressed with the content! At this point in time, only one in the series is in print biology. The next three guides in the series are due to be released in 2012 Astronomy & Geoscience, Chemistry, & Physics. Can't wait to see what they look like! ~ Donna

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