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Dont be intimidated by high school lab science! Just think I can do it with the help of Kathleen Julicher from Castle Heights. This course fulfills the requirement for a high school lab and is written from a Christian perspective. So often, labs require hazardous chemicals and use obscure or expensive equipment. But Experiences in Chemistry uses easy-to-obtain materials and equipment (most use everyday household items which can be found in a grocery store). Designed to accompany any high school chemistry text, it makes laboratory work for these courses accessible. Materials needed for the experiments are listed. The experiments are clearly written and easy to perform with the step-by-step instructions given. Experiences in Chemistry covers the following concepts: density, properties of water, kinetic energy, gas laws, chemical reactions, balancing equations, re-due reactions, acid-base reactions, rates of reactions, empirical formulas, and production and combustion of gases. Questions from real-world applications help put the study of chemistry in perspective. Answer key included. Recently revised, the 2nd edition of this course has a much cleaner, easier-to-read layout with improved graphics and revised text.

The Student Databook is optional. It contains forms used by the student to record reports of his experiments and answers to questions.

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