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As the number of homeschoolers grows, the number of homeschoolers producing their own materials for publication has grown as well. And the quality of the materials has also improved. Take Considering God‘s Creation, for instance, co-authored by Sue Mortimer and her sister Betty Smith. Betty and Sue were homeschool students themselves, as missionary kids, and Sue has homeschooled her own three children as well as teaching 28 other kids whose parents were attending Wycliffe Bible Center. So, in their spare time, they decided to write a science program, from a Biblical perspective that would be easy to implement in a homeschool setting. The results of their efforts are excellent. The program was originally published in 1992, and has been revised several times over the years. At present, the program consists of three parts: teacher‘s manual, student workbook, and a CD. For each of the 36 lessons, the teacher‘s manual gives information on preparation (materials needed - generally common school and household items), vocabulary (showing root word meaning and origin), introduction (basics of what the lesson covers), an original song or poem about the subject, an activity, related Bible verses, notebook (worksheets), review questions, evolution stumper (scientific finds that support creation), and digging deeper (suggested reading in other books) or some other outside activity. An accompanying CD contains all the songs used in the lessons.

The student workbook relates to the teacher notebook section. Actually, I would call these learning pages, since each one contains a wealth of information on each of the subjects covered. Besides drawing, or filling in these pages, some require cutting out objects and pasting them in the appropriate place. For instance, one exercise requires students to glue symbols of body activity onto the brain in the place where the brain controls each activity.

The 1-year course covers a broad range of subjects including astronomy, earth science, plants, animals, and the human body. Revised in 2006.

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Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Parent Lesson Planner Item #: 006298
Grades: 10-12
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Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Package Item #: 006261
Grades: 10-12
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