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Whats New in Explode The Code Second Edition

> Workbooks:

  • Revised directions for clarity and ease of understanding
  • Updated content
  • Revised stories in Books 7 and 8

> Teachers Guides:

  • "Lesson Routine at a Glance" chart is featured on the inside front cover of all Teachers Guides
  • Chart presents essential literacy skills and the systematic process in which they are implemented throughout the program

> Visual Enhancements:

  • Updated images to help guide struggling readers to phonics mastery

The Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for The Code, A, B, and C student workbooks provides pre-literacy instruction and reinforcing exercises with a focus on visual identification of consonants, their written lowercase letter forms and their sound-symbol relationships. Each lesson addresses the principles of effective reading instruction and follows the same easy-to-use format. The Teachers Guide is required for providing listening exercises.

The Teachers Guide for Workbooks A, B and C expands on the skills presented in these books, providing teachers with various options for instruction and reinforcement. The wide variety of activities may be adapted for whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one learning situations.

The 60 Picture-Letter Cards can be used for supplementary visual and auditory work and match key words in the student workbooks. Letter cards allow students to practice letter identification and recognition. Picture-letter combination cards help students map sounds to symbols. Use with Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for The Code, A, B, and C workbooks.

The Workbooks, Explode The Code Books 1-8 focus on Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing. All workbooks have several review lessons and a posttest. Explode The Code Half Books (1 -6 ) focus on more practice and reinforcement with skills in workbooks 1-6.

Code Cards (1 card for every concept introduced in Books 1-3.) include suggestions for daily practice activities and games. Each card is marked with the book and page number on the concept, which it is introduced.

Teachers Guides (Books 1-8) incorporate a quick review, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension in every lesson. Suggestions for writing practice and differentiated instruction are provided for each lesson. Specific answers to the student pages are not offered, as the book assumes student and teacher will be completing these together. However, answers for pre-test and post-test questions are included. Please also note these books only cover the "whole" levels, not the 1/2 levels.

Explode The Code Placement Tests are designed to assess students encoding and decoding skills. All tests can be given in either a group setting or individually, with the exception of Test 4, which must be administered individually. Included are directions for administering and analyzing results; answer keys and reproducible test forms.

Explode The Code Review from Rainbow Resource on Vimeo.

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Explode the Code 5-6 (including 1/2s) with Teacher Guide (2nd Edition) Item #: EC56C2
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $51.45
Rainbow Price: $32.95

Explode the Code 3-4 (including 1/2s) with Teacher Guide (2nd Edition) Item #: EC34C2
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $51.45
Rainbow Price: $32.95

Explode the Code Books 5 & 6 with Teacher Guide (2nd Edition) Item #: EC56T2
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $30.85
Rainbow Price: $19.95

Explode the Code Extra Practice (all 1/2 books) (2nd Edition) Item #: ECXTP2
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $61.80
Rainbow Price: $39.95

Explode the Code Books 5-8 (no 1/2s) with Teacher Guides (2nd Edition) Item #: EC58T2
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $61.70
Rainbow Price: $39.95

Explode the Code Program Overview (2nd Edition) Item #: 012418
Grades: K-2
Available for download at www.epsbooks.com
Rainbow Price: FREE

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