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Handwriting Without Tears provides a tactile, hands-on approach to handwriting. The methods employed work well with any student. It is particularly helpful for slow learners, students with poor motor skills or cognitive difficulties, or left-handed children. The methodology is designed to prevent or correct the reversal of letters. This program is unique in several ways: practice pages use a two-horizontal-line format rather than the three-horizontal-line format which is typically found in writing programs, cursive has no slant and letters are formed using a very simple single-stroke, and it uses a multi-sensory approach to teach. Students will learn letter formation through visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic activities presented in each lesson. Teaching and practice sessions are short, without a lot of meaningless busy work.

Each level of the program consists of a workbook and teacher guide. In the teacher's guides, the "Introduction" and "Foundation Skills" chapters include information on the handwriting process, stages of learning, how to instruct handwriting, an explanation of the lessons, step-by-step instructions for activities, posture, paper and pencil skills, and a summary of the student workbook features. The back of each teacher guide includes a "Resources" section, which includes a handwriting record, remediation tips, instructions for making a "Magic C Bunny", information on grade level and Common Core Standards, an index, and a chart of teaching guidelines. This chart can serve as a suggested schedule, or you can use it as printed for a completely structured approach. At the kindergarten level there is additional instruction for the use of the Capital Letter Wood Pieces and the Slate Chalkboard. Each lesson tells you what to teach, how to get started, multisensory activities to incorporate, which pages from the workbook you will use, what to say while teaching, and tips to help you teach more successfully. Small format student pages are included in the lessons for reference and convenience.

Student workbooks have horizontal pages in Kindergarten through Grade 2. Grade 3 has vertical pages. Plenty of practice is provided, as well as activity pages which reinforce other language arts activities while promoting meaningful practice. Students learn to write sentences, poems, dates, letters, week days, paragraphs, and more at the different grade levels. Workbooks include large step-by-step illustrated directions, and students copy just one model at a time with left to right directionality. Continuous review is incorporated throughout the black and white pages with plenty of room for the student to write on. Students are even given opportunities to practice on other styles of lines.

The Grade 2 program, Printing Power, now offers a two-workbook option to introduce your child to cursive. The Printing Power Plus Workbook Set includes the Printing Power workbook, plus a new workbook, Kick Start Cursive. In Kick Start Cursive, students learn beginning cursive using Handwriting Without Tears' simple, continuous strokes. It provides gentle instruction and practice to ease the transition into the Grade 3 program. The 2nd Grade Teacher's Guide includes a short chapter on Kick Start Cursive, if you decide to use it.

Can-Do Print and Can-Do Cursive are additional workbooks that could be useful for older students, 5th grade and up. These books facilitate transition to regular notebook paper, promote writing skills with grammar, Greek-Latin, and composition. Books give a quick review through letter formation with extra attention given to harder letters. Can-Do Print is for the student who prefers to print, but needs additional practice. Content is the same in both books, but focus is on print and cursive respectively. These are stand alone workbooks which require no teacher guide. Instruction is included in the workbook, so students can work independently.

The Draw and Write Notebook, Writing Notebook, and handwriting paper were created in response to parents who wanted blank pages with the unique "double lines" used in this writing program. The first has wide double lines, and the latter has regular double lines. The Big Sheet Draw and Write Paper is a pad of 100 sheets of paper, measuring 11"x 17", which has the wide double lines on the bottom half of the sheets, and blank space on the top. My Journal is for grades 4+ and provides a 48 page journal with the unique narrow double lines from top to bottom on each page. These little extras provide students with paper for stories, journaling, or writing practice.

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