Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet

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Grade: 3

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Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Main photo (Cover) Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Main photo (Cover) Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Additional photo (inside page) Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Additional photo (inside page) Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Additional photo (inside page) Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Booklet | Additional photo (inside page)

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Easy Grammar Overview from Rainbow Resource on Vimeo.

Customer Reviews

from Carrollton, Texas wrote the following on :
(Please do not print my full name.) I tried lots of different grammar curriculums over the years (A Beka, Bob Jones, Winston Grammar, Shurley Grammar) with my dyslexic student, and this is the one that really enabled her to learn grammar. There is sufficient review of each topic. Although I am willing to do lots of teaching myself, she mostly learned the material from this easy to understand book. I did no teacher preparation. Learning to eliminate the prepositional phrases eliminates a lot of mistakes at the outset. Easy Grammar teaches one thing at a time. For example, if the student is to circle adjectives, the sentence is not full of adverbs, which would be confusing. When teaching indirect objects, they have the helpful idea of telling the student that the word \"to\" could be used instead. (\"Give me the ball.\" or \"Give the ball to me.\" In the first sentence \"me\" is an indirect object.) They explain simply how to distinguish between \"to\" used as a preposition and \"to\" used as an infinitive. The explanations are simple and clear.
from Aiken, SC wrote the following on :
Easy Grammar is such a blessing! Two of our children were struggling in another grammar program when we switched to Easy Grammar. Both were able to understand object of the preposition, direct and indirect objects, and so much more after we put them in Easy Grammar. What was so amazing is how much they retained after using this only one year. Nothing else had made grammar make sense the way this program did. I would recommend Easy Grammar to anyone looking for a painless way to teach grammar.
from Southwest Louisiana wrote the following on :
My son is an auditory learner and is at different levels in the many areas of language arts. Easy Grammar has been easy to use. The lessons are short and to the point. He is retaining the information well. Teacher prep is minimal, it did take a few look-throughs when I purchased the book to understand the layout. We purchased the teacher book, student book and test book, which was a good value. We will continue to using Easy Grammar products in the future.
from Montgomery, AL wrote the following on :
This series, in my opinion, is by far the most non- frustrating grammar program available. We are a home school family of 12 years. My children were so thrown off course when I would try to change up a year here and there by using a different English Curriculum. They "grasp" grammar with ease using this WONDERFUL program. Isn't that our goal?
from New Jersey wrote the following on :
I used Easy Grammar grade 3 this year and am getting ready to order grade 4 for next year. It is the most comprehensive grammar program I have come across. I purchased two others before this that were completely useless. This is so easy to teach, my son completely understands it and likes it. They do an incredibly thorough job.
from Lancaster, PA wrote the following on :
I just want to say that I agree with everything these other reviewers said. I had been homeschooling for years, but could never find a grammar "curriculum" that was easy to understand, that I could also use for all my children. This is by far, the best I have ever seen. I just wish I was taught this way!
from springport, MI wrote the following on :
Thank you so much Wanda C. Phillips, you have made learning grammar so easy! A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My daughter Rachel, really does understand your approach. She now does grammar by herself. She started using easy grammar in 6th grade, after A Beka Book was becoming confusing, and used it again in 7th grade. We were both so excited to see that you have extended the program to Jr. high and high school. My daughter will be entering 8th grade in the fall of 2010. Now I will not have to look for another grammar curriculum, my daughter will be using Easy Grammar Ultimate! Thanks again, Rebecca B. Springport, MI