Latina Christiana I DVD Set

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Grades: 4-7

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Latina Christiana I DVD Set | Main photo (Cover) Latina Christiana I DVD Set | Main photo (Cover) Latina Christiana I DVD Set | Additional photo (inside page) Latina Christiana I DVD Set | Additional photo (inside page)

Customer Reviews

from Westminster, MD wrote the following on :
This DVD set is an extremly valueable tool for teaching the Latina Christiana I course. There is little to no teacher preparation and it can be used with various ages all at once. We have finished this course and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the DVD set. It's easy to understand and to follow along with the teacher. Buying the course set along with the DVD's is the best way to go. I love this course and it's on to Latina Christiana II we go.
from Midwest wrote the following on :
The best part about Monday is popping in the Latin DVD and seeing Ms. Lowe give the entire lesson! The children come away with a clear idea of what the lesson is about and how English grammar is integrated in Latin. Also, I learn much from this series after four years of traditional foreign language in public school. No preparation is necessary and we eventually passed on Prima Latina because all three children were listening and learning from the LC I DVDs despite not being their lesson! My dyslexic child struggled with English grammar but Latin is providing an excellent basis for his previous knowledge and I note improvement with each lesson. This is an excellent program supplement.
from Rhode Island wrote the following on :
I have used Prima Latin and Latina Christiana I, and will go on to the second book. As a mom who knew no Latin, I found the series very easy to use (but you definitely need the DVDs). This series really helped me to understand Latin, and my kids are excelling at it. However, it is extremely repetitive and the DVDs are pretty boring. My son (who has a great memory), found this to be trying and fast-forwarded through the review until he got to the new part of the lesson. I used the Ludere Latine book as well. This also has a lot of repetition/review of the vocab and grammar. If you have a child with an exceptional memory, they might get bored. However, my daughter (and I) do not have this kind of memory, and welcome the repetition. There is no question that by the end of it, the Latin grammar and vocab that you have learned will be burned into your brain. Level 1 is mostly rote memorization - the full explanations of the declensions and conjugations come in the next levels.