Patty Paper Geometry Student Workbook

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ISBN: 9781559530743
Grades: 6-10
Author: Michael Serra

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from Newark, CA wrote the following on :
I LOVE Patty Paper Geometry. My children used it and liked it. They liked the fact that it challenged them and helped them to discover the whys behind many facts that they had already learned. They developed such an intuitive understanding of geometric principles that they all sailed through the formal geometry course that they did later. My children did Patty Paper Geometry after Saxon Math 76, several years before doing a formal Geometry Course. My oldest had used Mathamakits, which developed similar understanding, but was much more structured and required more notetaking and independence from the student. I liked both courses but I think Patty Paper Geometry appeals to a wider audience. It is really nice that it has both the open investigations for those students that like more challenge and the closed investigations for those students who need a little more assistance. There is very little teacher preparation needed. The course is designed for multiple students in that several of the investigations ask the student to compare his or her results with other students. I usually did the folding portion of the investigations alongside my child and that gave my child another example for comparison.