Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue Program

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Author: Debbie Strayer

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from Racine Wisconsin wrote the following on :
The language arts curriculum we were using was advertised as "literature based." However it did not live up to our expectations and turned our child off of the subject of language arts. We began to search for a literature based curriculum which taught language arts in a gentle, engaging format. Our search ended when we discovered "Learning Language Arts Through Literature." After previewing the samples on the Rainbow Resource website and speaking with Rainbow's consultant we ordered the curriculum. I can not praise this curriculum enough! It utilizes choice selections from children's literature to teach language arts in a gentle, fun, engaging manner. There are many stories and hands on activities throughout the curriculum. The teachers manual is a dream come true! It is so well organized you can literally pick it up the manual and begin teaching. I give this curriculum an A+!
from LaCrosse, WI wrote the following on :
I am currently using the blue program with my 5 yo and 7 yo and we all LOVE it! I wandered around in the LA wilderness for a few years with my oldest child, never feeling really comfortable or confident in any program. Then one day I happened upon this. It was just what I was looking for. First, it's all encompassing. You get phonics, spelling, comprehension, penmanship, creative writing--the whole deal! This makes for great retention and interest. Second, it's easy for me to use with essentially no teacher prep. Yes, once in a while I need a wire brad or popsicle stick for a small project but that's nothing. I have 3 kids to school and so anything that helps to save me time is a plus. Third, it uses real children's book favorites (i.e. Good Night Moon) as well as their own easy readers. I love the mix because it keeps my children engaged in the material as well as making sure that they learn things in a logical sequence. Plus, I feel the addition of using 'real' books gives my children a boost to their reading confidence when we use them. They love reading the books themselves that I had usually read to them. Fourth, it's more than just just LA. When we read Ferdinand we studied a little bit about Spain. Today our book was about a dog and we studied a bit extra about dogs. It's nothing that interferes with anything else we might be doing that day. It's just a way to further interest my small, impatient children and it works! Fifth and last--it's a bargain. This is a whole year's worth of curriculum for that price. I have friends who have used other, much more costly programs ($200+) with sometimes similar results but certainly not better results. I'm really glad that this program has as many levels as it does because we will using it well into the future.
from Florida wrote the following on :
I LOVE this program I used it for my daughter when she was in kindergarten. We took more then a year to go through the program. My daughter is the BEST reader and speller out of 4. She is also my only one that never attended public school. This program covered everything, was easy and fun for her. She would go in and work by herself she loved it so much. Highly recommend!!!!
from TN wrote the following on :
We have been using LLATL for two years and we are really enjoying it. We started my first grader on the Red level and in second grade this year we are doing the Yellow level. I find this program to be a great blessing in our homeschooling. The lessons are planned for us and laid out in a very easy to follow outline format...practically no teacher preparation, except making sure you have the appropriate literature on hand and basic items such as pencils and crayons. Even though the lessons are planned out and somewhat scripted, the authors tell you to use what you need and change activities as necessary to suit your child's needs. The teacher and student manuals are very similar in content, but I think it is worth having both just to have the answers handy and to have my own book from which to read as we are doing the lesson together. I have not personally used this program with children of different ages, except for the read alouds (4 year-old son listens), but I think it would be very simple to use one grade level with children of slightly different ages (1-2 years apart), with minor modifications. LLATL uses a lot of different activities which work well for various learning styles. For example, it uses poetry memorization, read alouds, writing from dictation, drama, crafts, coloring, writing, and puzzles. It helps tremendously to have the extra books that go along with this program always available on your own bookshelf, if you are able to purchase them. Last year, we ran into the problem of not being able to get a particular book at the library for one of our lessons since it was already checked out, and rechecked out. This year, we purchased all the go-along books. If you are considering using this program, I recommend that you go to the Common Sense Press website and have your child take one or more of the assessments to determine the most appropriate level. This was very helpful to us. Overall, LLATL is a good value and it is very user friendly, both for the teacher and the student.
from United States wrote the following on :
Our family loves Learning Language Arts Through Literature, we are on red book but have been through blue book and will start in the Spring with blue book for my son. It's hands on and covers a variety of subjects. It works well for various types of learners! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!