Activities for the AL Abacus Manual

Activities for the AL Abacus Manual Item #: 011217
Grades: K-5
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Customer Reviews

Jennifer B. from East Tennessee wrote the following on 08/16/2010:
The Activities for the Abacus manual is a great resource to have and use. It begins with basic numeration and abacus activities and progresses all the way through division and more!! The worksheets, which can be purchased separately, help to solidify the program. I am using this guide as the basis for our preschool math and will continue to use it in the future due to the wonderful way it introduces concepts. It is well worth the price for the amount of material that is covered.

Jennifer S. from Rhinelander, WI wrote the following on 05/03/2011:
START EVERY STUDENT WITH THIS MATH! I have always been known as a "bad math" student. I asked my college roommate, who majored in math in college, which math program she would recommend to use for homeschooling. Without hesitation she said "Abacus math". WHAT?? I could barely grasp "regular math" and I should branch out and use a math tool I had never touched before and seems like a foreign language to me? Trusting her explicitly (and figuring I could sell the curriculum if I had to), I dove in 10 years ago and I HAVEN'T REGRETTED IT SINCE! The book walks me (the complete math idiot) through the lessons and what to say word for word. Within weeks I could see the logic behind the abacus method and have recommended it ever since! Start BEFORE your children have mastered any math skills. I'm serious! Get the basic book, and the large (not mini) abacus. One abacus for each child. And be ready to be amazed! You can buy the other kit or sheets, which are helpful, but not necessary either. Around 2nd/3rd grade I had too many children to teach each level individually and opted to switch to a different math program for my older kids where the kids were more independent learners. But I still start all my children out with this math program and use it for two years either by itself or with another program. They learn to SEE large numbers visually in their heads and every one of them has better than average math scores than their peers. I highly, highly recommend this program! Enjoy!