Idea Book for Cuisenaire Rods at Primary Level

Idea Book for Cuisenaire Rods at Primary Level Item #: 005104
Grades: PreK-2
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Before a child can grasp the abstract ideas needed for computational skills, the concrete foundation must be laid. These colorful rods, based on a 1 cm. unit, accurately portray the volume of a number. They encourage tactile manipulation of numbers and model-building, patterning and spatial discovery. Rods are flexible - they can be used to model almost any mathematical concept and develop a wide variety of skills.

Cuisenaire Rods sparked our children's interest in arithmetic through lively investigation and visual and tangible confirmation of math concepts. I first read about the rods in the 1980s. I liked them so much that I used them with all three of my children when they were young and in their early elementary years. They all started out by learning the Cuisenaire poem by heart to identify the numerical value of each rod. The rods were very handy to teach concepts and beginning operations of mathematics. I found them particularly helpful with multiplication and fractions. Oh, we did our share of making sets with dried beans, forks, sea shells, and buttons, but it has been the use of the colorful Cuisenaire Rods that has come to my rescue most conveniently and logically to demonstrate what is on paper in black and white!

Product Review

Not just a resource book, this program presents mathematical concepts, via rods, to small children. Activities progress from the concrete level to the pictorial level to the symbolic (numerical) level and cover a wide range of concepts, including basic operations. By using a variety of approaches, children are led to discover that there is more than one way to solve a problem. The book is clear and easy to use, with complete lesson plans (one lesson per page) including materials needed, setting, teaching instructions, underlying mathematical concepts, and appropriate age level. Each facing page contains either a photograph or colored illustration depicting the use of rods in the lesson. A good way to get started with rods!