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Could you use a little help today making important decisions about your children’s curriculum? Why not take advantage of our 25 years of homeschooling experience? Here you will find personalized reviews of some of our favorite products. Our hand-picked suggestions will bring solid educational value to your homeschool.

We also invite you to visit Karen’s inspiring and informative blog: Moments with Mother Culture for some gentle encouragement. We would be delighted if you would tell your friends you found us at Rainbow. --- Dean & Karen

Rescue the Perishing

Sometimes I worry about the impact government schools are having on Christian children. Could these children be spending so much time doing what the state requires, that they have precious little time left to do what God requires in Luke 9:62? What a joy it would be to see these children - undistracted - put their youthful hands to the plow and keep their eyes on Jesus.

Christian homeschoolers buck the trend. Through God's Word, our witness, home life, curriculum, and activities, our children are being taught early to take hold of the plow and long more for God's Kingdom than a worldly one. Through our patience and diligence, and by God's grace, our children are becoming lights in dark places. They will impact our world and the Kingdom in a positive way.

If we are experiencing the blessings of homeschooling, we can help rescue the perishing. We can share our story with anyone who is burdened for the minds and souls of their children. --- Dean

Moments with Mother Culture - Popular Blog Articles

Red, Blue, Make-Do and Mend
Red, Blue, Make-Do and Mend
The Lady-of-the-House confesses to keeping at least two ankle-length jean skirts in her wardrobe. Fellow wearers of the jean skirt know how it stands up to the rigors of house cleaning, endures frequent washings, even on the hottest setting. One of her jean skirts is new... Read more +

Not Enough Syndrome
Not Enough Syndrome
When I was a new mother I felt insecure. My baby cried. She cried everyday. That’s what newborn babies do, I was told. Sometimes they cry or fuss when they are overtired or when Mommy is overtired, when they need to be burped, changed, cuddled, kept warm... Read more +

Safe in My Garden
Safe in My Garden
In spring, too lazy to walk around the house for the wheelbarrow, I bent my back and dragged a half-started, half-torn bag of peat moss across the lawn. For a bag of dry peat moss it felt unusually heavy. I held it by two corners and shook it. Out came... Read more +


Artistic Pursuits Artistic Pursuits
I was not born an artist. In fact some of my first attempts at putting what I saw on paper gave my mother cause for... Read more +

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists
Art appreciation is what these little 32-page books are good for. They may be little but they have... Read more +

Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Kit Learn to Draw Kit
Are you looking for a modestly priced art course with a proven record for awakening hidden talent? This is it. Past... Read more +


Balancing the Sword Balancing the Sword
I visited my sweet-old Italian aunt, years ago, just after she became a Christian. Over tea, we discussed the wonderful things she was learning... Read more +

Boyhood and Beyond Boyhood and Beyond
Boyhood and Beyond helps build "manly backbone" into growing boys! I searched for years for a book that would be as helpful for boys... Read more +

Daughters of the Faith Series Daughters of the Faith Series
I've read three stories from Daughters of the Faith Series and I want to read them all. A stack of them rests... Read more +

Family Man, Family Leader Family Man, Family Leader
A good man would not be as "hard to find" if more men followed the advice in this excellent book. Family Man, Family Leader... Read more +

Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English Pilgrim's Progress
In 1660 the Puritan John Bunyan was imprisoned for twelve years for preaching (sharing the gospel) without a license. Bunyan was a... Read more +

Training Hearts Teaching Minds Training Hearts Teaching Minds
Are you longing to have rich and meaningful devotions with your children? Do you want them to understand the... Read more +

Beautiful Girlhood Beautiful Girlhood
Firstly, I read and contemplated its pages for my own edification. Among such topics as building character, strength in obedience... Read more +

Christian Heroes Then and Now Christian Heroes: Then & Now
One year I took a few of these books home and read them aloud on "Missionary Monday." Based upon the chapel hour of... Read more +

Everyday Graces Everyday Graces
I've seen my friends' houses. Their shelves, like ours, are lined with classic children's literature - an indication that they've been... Read more +

How Should We Then Live DVD How Should We Then Live? DVD
Before he began leading a study for a group of homeschool teens in our living room, my father told us that he saw these... Read more +

Practical Happiness Practical Happiness
The late Bob Schultz hit another home run with his “Wisdom from the Woodshop” in this third installment for boys and young men. I was... Read more +

When God Writes Your Love Story When God Writes Your Love Story
Beginning with the first chapter, we took turns reading aloud. Although Sophia had read books on courtship before, she enjoyed... Read more +

Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom
Focus on the Family Radio Theater presents us with the thrilling life of a great thinker, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This dramatization... Read more +

Created for Work Created for Work
Every boy dreams about what he might be when he grows up. Parents pray that whatever he chooses, he may be successful. Yet even... Read more +

New Foxe's Book of Martyrs Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Books about death and dying are usually not the kind of book that many of us reach for once the children are in bed and we can settle in for a few... Read more +

Operation World Operation World
Operation World is a thicker and more detailed book that covers many more countries, provinces and islands – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Pick a... Read more +

So What's the Difference? So What's the Difference?
The adult Sunday school I attended was studying So What’s the Difference? As I began reading the assigned chapters... Read more +

Window on the World Window on the World
I dreamt I was a missionary in China working under-cover as a teacher. It was a sad dream. So many of the people were lost... Read more +


Classic Myths to Read Aloud Classic Myths to Read Aloud
The ancient Greeks created myths to explain the mysteries of their world. Their so-called gods were capable of... Read more +

Exploring the History of Medicine Exploring the History of Medicine
This schoolbook is written like a story. That's why I like it. It puts the people aspect back... Read more +

Safe Young Drivers: A Guide for Parents and Teens Safe Young Drivers
Safe Young Drivers may be the next best thing to dressing your teens in full body armor before they get behind... Read more +

Hidden Art of Homemaking Hidden Art of Homemaking
In her writings Edith Schaeffer describes a myriad of ways to love God, love people, how to serve them and enjoy... Read more +

Favorite Poems Old and New Favorite Poems Old and New
First published in 1957, Favorite Poems Old and New is the stand-by poetry book we had on... Read more +

Where the Brook and the River Meet Where the Brook and the River Meet
If you like unit studies you will find this one to be exceptional. The Study Guide is to be... Read more +

Encyclopedia of Country Living Encyclopedia of Country Living
Are you thinking about moving to the country? Many homeschool families, brought up in urban or suburban... Read more +

Pioneer Sampler A Pioneer Sampler
Three aspects of this book impart to children a memorable picture of pioneer life (minus its painful hardship)... Read more +

Early Learning

Abadaba Alphabet Abadaba Alphabet
I’ll never forget the first advice I was given on home teaching. The year was 1984... Read more +


Any Child Can Write Any Child Can Write
em> Any Child Can Write is a handbook for the whys and hows of writing. The goal is to first set up an atmosphere that... Read more +

Story Starters Story Starters
Books of quality will be the main source of a young child’s composition. By putting what is read in his own words through narration, he is learning... Read more +

Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone French Rosetta Stone French
Rosetta Stone teaches language the same way we learned our first language: by direct association with words, written and spoken... Read more +

Sign Language for Everyone Sign Language for Everyone
When Dr. Cathy Rice says her course will teach you all you will need to begin communicating with the deaf, she says it... Read more +

Games, Puzzles & Toys

Herd Your Horses Herd Your Horses
It is well known that many young girls are fascinated by the beauty and grace of horses. I was no exception... Read more +

Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan
With so many colorful cards and small wooden pieces on the board it looked so complicated that I thought it must... Read more +

SET Game Quiddler
Recently some good friends of ours invited us to dinner and afterwards they took out a game called "Quiddler" made by... Read more +

When I was twelve years of age; I had a peculiar friend named Faith. Out of her mind there seemed to come a never-ending supply... Read more +


DNealian Handwriting Book K D'Nealian Handwriting Book K
D’Nealian letters slant and curve. The advantage of this pre-cursive font is that a child’s pencil... Read more +

Typing Instructor for Kids Typing Instructor for Kids
I was already pretty good at the keyboard but in order to write this review I typed my way through all the lessons... Read more +


Albert Marrin History Books Albert Marrin History Books
Albert Marrin’s “living” history books are not sugar coated liberal diatribes. They are painstakingly researched... Read more +

David Macaulay Books David Macaulay Books
I can remember the days when my living room floor was strewn with large wooden blocks, some with arches carved out of them, and a... Read more +

Drive Through History Greece & Rome Drive Through History Greece & Rome
Wow! This is a terrific series. Are you planning a trip to Mars Hill this year? No? Me neither. Then let Dave Stotts, our animated... Read more +

Genevieve Foster Books Genevieve Foster Books
Have you ever seen a child hold his head because he felt lost in a string of names, dates and political events that crowd... Read more +

Maps, Charts & Graphs Maps, Charts & Graphs
Sometime in a child’s education, therefore, it is good to familiarize him with the skill of understanding how to read maps... Read more +

Presenting Miss Jane Austen Presenting Miss Jane Austen
I'm a Jane Austen fan. Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite films. Hit the pause button at any point in the... Read more +

TruthQuest History TruthQuest History
Perhaps you’ve tried inserting good books into your study of history but hit-or-miss attempts brought uncomfortable feelings... Read more +

Ancient China Ancient China
Ancient China: To the Great Wall and Beyond is a 12-week unit study on the major Dynasties of China for K-6th, designed to demystify... Read more +

Draw & Write Through History Draw & Write Through History
Once enlightened by the notebook method a teacher will often be inspired go the extra mile to do it... Read more +

Eat Your Way Around the World Eat Your Way Around the World
I've always liked the idea of sharing an international meal at the end of a study in geography. Whether it is just your family... Read more +

H.A. Guerber History Books H.A. Guerber History Books
Originally published in the 1890s, the story-style Guerber's histories have been either gently updated by Christine Miller, or in... Read more +

Of Plymouth Plantation Of Plymouth Plantation
Of Plymouth Plantation is the firsthand account of William Bradford's history of the Plymouth Settlement of 1608-1650. This is... Read more +

R.M. Ballantyne Books R.M. Ballantyne Books
Ballantyne (a contemporary of G.A. Henty) was a beloved and popular Christian author of historical fiction warmly admired by... Read more +

Annals of the World Annals of the World
A homeschool mom telephoned and asked if I knew of any history books that reference the Bible and other authoritative sources... Read more +

Drive Through American History Drive Through American History
Based on the respected work of the Christian historian David Barton, each American is examined for their contribution to... Read more +

Exploring Economics Exploring Economics
Exploring Economics prepares high school students to be good stewards, good citizens, and enlightened voters. I especially appreciate... Read more +

King Alfred's English King Alfred's English
I once bought Karen a talking Christmas card depicting Linus of Peanuts reciting the Christmas story... "for unto you is born this... Read more +

People, Places & Principles of America People, Places & Principles of America
What makes this series unique? Each chapter has a Life Principle spotlighted in a frame. Two examples... Read more +

Streams of Civilization Streams of Civilization
Streams of Civilization has been used by homeschoolers and Christian schools for a long time, and with good reason. It is still one of the few... Read more +

Homeschool Helps

Charlotte Mason Companion The Charlotte Mason Companion
Experience afresh the transforming joys of happy obedient children and a delightfully un-stuffy homeschool... Read more +

Record of the Learning Lifestyle Record of the Learning Lifestyle
One of the constant tasks of a homemaker/home teacher is to make order out of what... Read more +

When Children Love to Learn When Children Love to Learn
Although meant primarily for those involved with schools, this book’s message is... Read more +

Educating the WholeHearted Child Handbook 3ed Educating the WholeHearted Child
Educating the Wholehearted Child is a big book with big ideas on how and why to homeschool... Read more +

Senior High Senior High
The thought of homeschooling through the high school years can put one in a tizzy. When the time... Read more +

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully You Can Teach Your Child Successfully
“My heart’s desire is to teach my children at home, but I feel inadequate.” Many... Read more +

For the Children's Sake For the Children's Sake
I will be forever grateful to Susan Macaulay. Her book helped shape my life's destiny and the destiny of many others. In the 1980s... Read more +

Teaching the Trivium Teaching the Trivium
The Bluedorns have a family vision. Their high ideals of teaching by way of the mediaeval model of the trivium... Read more +

Language Arts

Library Builders

The Adventures of Tintin The Adventures of Tintin
Tintin is a boy reporter who (along with his faithful dog Snowy) solves mysteries and fights crime... Read more +

Caddie Woodlawn Caddie Woodlawn
Caddie Woodlawn stands out in my memory as one of my favorite childhood novels. Caddie's adventurous, independent spirit... Read more +

Jim Weiss Storytelling CDs Jim Weiss Storytelling CDs
My children grew up with storyteller Jim Weiss. I had no nanny to help me with young children at home but Mr. Weiss's stories... Read more +

My Father's Dragon My Father's Dragon
I remember sitting side by side with each of my children listening to them read aloud to me. Slow and careful work it was. It was necessary... Read more +

The Bronze Bow The Bronze Bow
Just after we married, before my children were born, my husband Andrew and I moved into a tiny one-bedroom... Read more +

Emily Emily
We used picture books in our homeschool because they are a joy in and off themselves. They create a learning atmosphere. But sometimes they are can be used... Read more +

Little House Cookbook Little House Cookbook
When I open the Little House Cookbook, memories of my childhood come flooding back. Passages from The Little House Series... Read more +

Your Story Hour Your Story Hour
If you ask my adult children about their childhood they will tell you how much they enjoyed Your Story Hour... Read more +

The Cabin Faced West The Cabin Faced West
This is not only a sweet story, but some of what happens is historically true. The drawing of the pioneer girl... Read more +

James Herriot's Treasury for Children James Herriot's Treasury for Children
I can remember heading out of the house, making sure James Herriot’s animal tales were in my canvas bag. As a young girl... Read more +

Lost on a Mountain in Maine Lost on a Mountain in Maine
In 1939, Twelve year-old Donn Fendler climbed to the top of Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, just minutes ahead of his dad... Read more +


Thinking Toolbox The Thinking Toolbox
Nathaniel and Hans have written yet another entertaining and effective book on improving logic and reasoning skills. Using beguiling illustrations... Read more +


Cuisenaire Rods Cuisenaire Rods
Cuisenaire Rods sparked our children's interest in arithmetic through lively investigation and visual and tangible confirmation of math concepts... Read more +

MathTacular Educational Kit MathTacular Educational Kit
Just when you cleared away the clutter, out come the math manipulatives. But math clutter is the good kind of... Read more +

Games for Math Games for Math
Has your student become sluggish with numbers? It isn’t unusual. Often, all a child needs is the spark of a new idea. Here's one - math checkers... Read more +

Quarter Mile Math Quarter Mile Math
Are your students getting bogged down with the daily math grind? Maybe it’s time for a whimsical new challenge. Quarter Mile Math drills will add... Read more +

Making Math Meaningful Making Math Meaningful
I remember my children's fondness of using tangible objects during their early math lessons. With the satisfaction that comes from... Read more +

Singapore Primary Math U.S. Edition Singapore Primary Math U.S. Edition
The goal of Singapore Math is to guide your student to become a problem solver, even in unfamiliar... Read more +


Classical Kids Series Classical Kids Series
Our family’s ability to recognize a piece of music and attribute it to a certain composer has come partly as a result of... Read more +

Story of the Orchestra Story of the Orchestra
Did you know that Bach wasn’t famous until 100 years after his death? Or that Vivaldi was was a red headed Italian... Read more +

Guitar for the Absolute Beginner Guitar for the Absolute Beginner
One Christmas I eyed a mysterious object draped in a red blanket behind the Christmas tree. It... Read more +

Stories of the Great Composers Stories of the Great Composers
When I was young my mother introduced me to the great composers. Recordings of their... Read more +


Alpha Phonics Alpha Phonics
This program is the little dab of phonics I gave my children each day for their "at, mat, cat, hat, sat" sort of practices... Read more +

Phonics Museum Phonics Museum
This is a deluxe reading course. It uses classic artwork to teach letter recognition in Kindergarten. The pages of the storybook... Read more +


Brightest Heaven of Invention Brightest Heaven of Invention
Most of us have little confidence in teaching Shakespeare. Give a play a try and you might surprise yourself. At first I was... Read more +

Christian Liberty Nature Readers Christian Liberty Nature Readers
When I purchased books for our home school, they didn't always end up to be books with glossy, full-color pictures... Read more +

Movies as Literature Movies as Literature
Movies As Literature requires very little teacher prep yet it will have a positive impact upon your high school students. Seventeen great films... Read more +


Along Came Galileo Along Came Galileo
Watch Galileo jump off the pages of the history timeline! He is best known to be the first man to closely... Read more +

Before I Was Born Before I Was Born
“Let purity have the first word” I read some years back. I agreed with the importance of this. Yes, it would be best... Read more +

Chemistry 101 Chemistry 101
My high school chemistry teacher was in the middle of his first lecture of the school year. He mumbled while his chalk scribbled symbols on the blackboard... Read more +

Evolution: the Grand Experiment Evolution: the Grand Experiment
Homeschoolers are forever searching for educational gems that honor God while maintaining high academic standards... Read more +

History of Science The History of Science
One of my favorite memories of homeschool was the year Nigel and I used A History of Science. This literature-based study guide... Read more +

Living Fossils Living Fossils
Our museums are filled with so called "ancient" fossils. Evolutionists claim these crusty little critters are either extinct or must have evolved... Read more +

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots
Grass is a perfect place to play on but, oh what wonders are in store for the family who grows the gardens out of this book... Read more +

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Much more than an entertaining and fact filled book of sea monsters, dragons, ape-men, mutations and missing links, this is... Read more +

Ancient Science Ancient Science
Ancient Science is a blend of history, science and hands on activities that students will find irresistible... Read more +

Biology 101 Biology 101
Award-winning filmmaker and homeschool dad Wes Olson introduces a Biblically ordered biology course based on... Read more +

Destination: Moon Destination: Moon
I met James Irwin in1989 when this book was first published, at a Christian bookseller's convention. I was so excited I could barely speak... Read more +

Exploring Creation with the Human Anatomy and Physiology Exploring Creation w/ Human Anatomy and Physiology
No dry bones here. Jeannie Fulbright takes the “ouch” out of anatomy but leaves just enough blood... Read more +

Integrated Physics & Chemistry Integrated Physics & Chemistry
I stumbled upon something. It was in the nick of time for us - that is - just when my science-minded son... Read more +

Lyrical Life Science Lyrical Life Science
In the 1990's I purchased Lyrical Life Science, Volume 1 and kept the music cassette (now sold on CD) in our car all summer. Wherever we went, we enjoyed... Read more +

Science Around the Year Science Around the Year
My husband, Andrew and I moved from a two-windowed apartment to a little house with lots of windows. In the backyard... Read more +

Your Backyard DVD Your Backyard DVD
Most of the film is dedicated to teaching you how to recognize birds by their markings and and vocalizations. A brief history of... Read more +

Archimedes and the Door of Science Archimedes and the Door of Science
My son, Nigel, loves science. Each year I gave him lots of scientific facts. But science is more... Read more +

Body of Evidence Body of Evidence
Dr. David Menton is a creation scientist who earned his PhD in cell biology, worked in research at Mayo... Read more +

Elements of Faith Elements of Faith
Elements of Faith brings us closer to God as we learn from the building blocks of His creation. This book is unlike other chemistry... Read more +

Find the Constellations Find the Constellations
I have always been fascinated by the stars and the romance of outer-space. As a child in the early nineteen sixties, I watched all the... Read more +

Lessons from Blackberry Inn Lessons from Blackberry Inn
Do you ever read for companionship? I do. If we read fiction for its characters, I invite you to make friends with... Read more +

Pocketful of Pinecones Pocketful of Pinecones
Pocketful of Pinecones is written as the diary of a fictional mother named Carol. Carol’s family lives in New England during the Depression... Read more +

Signs & Seasons Signs & Seasons
Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered why God made so many stars? In modern schools students often learn how far away... Read more +


English from the Roots English from the Roots
I remember being much encouraged by the introduction of English from the Roots Up. It assured me that even... Read more +

Words on the Vine Words on the Vine
To take the edge off of the seriousness of studying Greek and Latin roots within our English vocabulary lessons... Read more +